Monday, January 29, 2007



So I met Cathy on Friday and took her on a whirlwind tour of my fav Urban Arts and Crafts, The Studio, and Knit n Stitch and then back to the airport for her to catch her flight. She and I are about as far along on the BORING BJORK. It is straight knitting of one color for 19" front and back. HELP! Since this coming Sunday is the Super Bowl and Knittin Gritty has a knitathon on I am gonna force myself to work on this stupid swan.

And to treat myself for working on this the next kal I join will be a beautiful glove/hat set from Karen at The Studio. You should see the gloves, breathtaking. I wish I could just sit and design and knit. I am so jealous.

Sunday, January 28, 2007



i take the Bjork from room to room
i pick it up, lay it down, pick it up &
switch rooms
i misplaced the directions
oh well
if i pack it, i won't have room for clothes
Abby is making progress
not sure about Chris
i have about 10" of the neck done
did i tell you HOW BORING stockinette is
neck & body are by the 'puter
WHERE is the book
or the directions
i am home for 6 days starting Fri
i will resume working on it when i get home



started the neck
when it's done
i will finish the bag
did i tell you how BORING stockinette is

i am up to 18" on the bag

wanna make sure i don't run out

Saturday, January 27, 2007



well .. on Fri i was in KC MO
i got to meet Abby
she is so KEWL!!
she met me in the hotel lobby
we compared out progress
she met DRACO
we knit for a bit
went to get breakfast @
i SHOULD remember where we ate breakfast
i LOVE the place
she tok me on a LYS tour of KC
went to URBAN WEAR ( i think that's the name)
then to The Studio
GREAT yarns
Karen designed some WONDERFUL gloves that Abby & I decided
we HAD to have the pattern for when Karen finished writing it up
it will be after the Bjork KAL
so we can do a glove KAL
then we went to Stich Knitch
found TOFUsises sock yarn
had lunch @ Panera bread
back to hotel to get ready to fly home
oh yeah
we both agreed we are knitting the neck & head separatly
& kitchnering it onto the body
i started the neck
BORING knitting & purling
when i am done with the ivory, i will use it till i run out
for the bag
mine is 3" too wide
Cracker Barrel
we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel

Monday, January 22, 2007



on round 45 of 114
i DO need nails
gauge is 4 st & 5 1/2 rows per inch
it's 10" so far
and 3 more skeins of ivory

got to knit for about 15 minutes today
took the car in for an oil change
while it was there
had the mechanic look at the tire
it looses air
there was a nail in it
other mechanic couldn't find the nail 2 months ago
anyways .. got to knit
gonna TRY to post a pic again
and stats
will have knitting time this week
get to Austin about 5 o'clock tues
leave @ 2:20 PM on wed
get to toronto about midnite thur morn
leave about 5PM thur afternoon
get to Kansas City about midnite:13 fri morning
leave about 3:30
gonna try to hook up with abby
stupid yahoo isn't sending my e-mails thru
home around 10:30 fri nite
off sat & sun
so IF i don't escape the hotels
i will get to knit
i SHOULD hit the treadmill
weight is creeping up again

Sunday, January 21, 2007



Chris & Abby aren't posting
think Chris has started
it's a BORING project so far
186 stitches
114 rounds to knit
will count the rounds & take a pic
the First Officer & other Flight Attendant
wanted to get OUT of the hotel
of course, i went along
i got to see New Orleans!!!!
when i got back to my room
resumed the Bjork
got bored knitting
kept dozing off
so i switched to a shawl
could have been lack of sleep
yeaterday (sat) got Airport Apprecitation Time
knit for a few hours
i don't feel like i am making progress on the bag
i almost feel like i will have to FORCE myself to work on it
like i will have to FORCE myself to eat better
and exercise
i forgot how BORING plain knitting can be

Thursday, January 18, 2007



think it is almost long enuff that i could kitner the bottom & sides
i think i got 3" in
will measure & count rows tomoro
think i need 114 rows
10:20 PM
gotta pack
then sleep


some knittin' today

took the bag headed to get the roots adjusted
had to sit (oh darn) for 20 minutes before it was MY turn
another 15 minutes while i was under the dryer to "SET" the color
the bad news
my hair pulls red & gold
it refuses to go brown
i am almost done with the 2nd skein
get to New Orleans tomoro about 11 am
so i got 8 - 10 hours of knitting i can do
i NEVER get to see anything outside of the
hotel in NO
we are toooo far from anything
we would have to rent a car if we want to go anywhere
then on Sat
i have 2 hours Airport Appreciation in the morning
3 more hours in the afternoon
back to base by 5:30 PM

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


1 skein done

3:49 PM


O'Hare 2:30 PM

ready to start knitting


got my yarn

Nothing exciting, but I did get my yarn in today. Now to find the time to start on it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

After finishing the shawl
I started the BJORK
Started both sides
Once I was done with the shaping
I joined both sides so that I can knit in the round
After knittting awhile I found out I twisted when I joined
Now I gotta frog to the join & re-knit
Think my gauge is close
Need about 114 rows for the bag
Got LOADS of Airport Appreciation Time tomoro
Gotta get up in 6 hours

Monday, January 15, 2007



i bought new needles
before i could frog & restart
i knit a hat, gloves (felted both) and sox
then i started a scarf ( 3 times)- it is NOT working
started sox twice
they are slllooooooooo to work on
but i think they will be OK
then last nite
i started a shawl
Abby is working on hers
Chris ordered the yarn online & is gonna make changes
not sure what i will pack to take with me when i fly tomoro
should i take the Bjork
will it FIT in the rollerboard
will probably spend most of the 20 hours
in the hotel room
so, that equates to 10 hours of knitting
how much do i hafta pack for an overnite

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Perhpaps this will teach me to gauge

Per the email I sent to the group all y'all know I had to frog mine as I had bout 16" and realized it was a huge honking swan. I had 26" across so I ripped out and did my gauge. I went down to size 10 needles and all appears ok but I still think I wont have enough yarn, cos i am at 7" and am close to finishing one skein already. We shall see. I thought about taking this to work but can you imagine me carting this in to the office and spreading this big thing on my desk, it will be my home project and I will take something else in to work.


Is anyone else bored with the straight row knitting?


and we are off & sprinting .. well NOT anymore

my guage is 3 st & 3.5 rows / in
supposed to be 4.25 st & 6 rows / 19 x 19
using an 11

so what size needle do i need to (go buy) go down to to get proper gauge
will i need a 10 1/2 OR 10
MAN .. i mite need a NINE
better call Nancy
she has ALL the answers
sometimes even before i ask the question
great .. Bjork won't be going with me this weekend
using a 29" circ
oh yeah .. i converted it to knitting in the round
did THAT mess up the gauge, ya think
if i frog it to where i joined it
i mite be able to use a smaller needle
i DID a swatch
my gauge was close

can someone explain to me
how if i did a swatch over 20 stitches,
the numbers were right
when i went to 71 stitches
the numbers changed

at least the part where i was knitting & purling came out with the same
number as the part where i was JUST knitting in the round

NOW i am frustrated
will not be able to work on this until i get home sometime sat / sun
I will have to go BUY a 29" circ to use
OR take one from a UFO
easier to BUY new circ
then finish a UFO

gotta pack
leave in YIKES!! 4 hours

good thing i checked e-mail before i packed the BJORK
would have been mad IF i ran out of yarn
hopin' the weather is good in Dallas
get to sit & knit in Atlanta for 2 -3 hours Airport Appreciation
so i will be working on the gloves that i will felt

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


anyone start yet

SO, i started about 9:30 PM
Wed Jan 3rd
realized the front & back were knit separatly
then sewn together
since i LIKE knitting both sides at the same time
i cast them BOTH on
since i cast on tight some times,
i did a Provisional Cast On
will Kitchner the bottoms
as i am doing the shaping
i realize that once the shaping is done
i can knit in the round
that means
after i Kitchner the bottom
i can sew the 6 or so stitches at the sides
and i will have MOST of the finishing completed
about 16" more to knit & the main body of the bag will be done



i am knitting gloves
so i haven't started yet
anyone start yet
need help posting pix

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