Thursday, January 04, 2007


and we are off & sprinting .. well NOT anymore

my guage is 3 st & 3.5 rows / in
supposed to be 4.25 st & 6 rows / 19 x 19
using an 11

so what size needle do i need to (go buy) go down to to get proper gauge
will i need a 10 1/2 OR 10
MAN .. i mite need a NINE
better call Nancy
she has ALL the answers
sometimes even before i ask the question
great .. Bjork won't be going with me this weekend
using a 29" circ
oh yeah .. i converted it to knitting in the round
did THAT mess up the gauge, ya think
if i frog it to where i joined it
i mite be able to use a smaller needle
i DID a swatch
my gauge was close

can someone explain to me
how if i did a swatch over 20 stitches,
the numbers were right
when i went to 71 stitches
the numbers changed

at least the part where i was knitting & purling came out with the same
number as the part where i was JUST knitting in the round

NOW i am frustrated
will not be able to work on this until i get home sometime sat / sun
I will have to go BUY a 29" circ to use
OR take one from a UFO
easier to BUY new circ
then finish a UFO

gotta pack
leave in YIKES!! 4 hours

good thing i checked e-mail before i packed the BJORK
would have been mad IF i ran out of yarn
hopin' the weather is good in Dallas
get to sit & knit in Atlanta for 2 -3 hours Airport Appreciation
so i will be working on the gloves that i will felt

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