Sunday, January 21, 2007



Chris & Abby aren't posting
think Chris has started
it's a BORING project so far
186 stitches
114 rounds to knit
will count the rounds & take a pic
the First Officer & other Flight Attendant
wanted to get OUT of the hotel
of course, i went along
i got to see New Orleans!!!!
when i got back to my room
resumed the Bjork
got bored knitting
kept dozing off
so i switched to a shawl
could have been lack of sleep
yeaterday (sat) got Airport Apprecitation Time
knit for a few hours
i don't feel like i am making progress on the bag
i almost feel like i will have to FORCE myself to work on it
like i will have to FORCE myself to eat better
and exercise
i forgot how BORING plain knitting can be

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