Monday, January 22, 2007

got to knit for about 15 minutes today
took the car in for an oil change
while it was there
had the mechanic look at the tire
it looses air
there was a nail in it
other mechanic couldn't find the nail 2 months ago
anyways .. got to knit
gonna TRY to post a pic again
and stats
will have knitting time this week
get to Austin about 5 o'clock tues
leave @ 2:20 PM on wed
get to toronto about midnite thur morn
leave about 5PM thur afternoon
get to Kansas City about midnite:13 fri morning
leave about 3:30
gonna try to hook up with abby
stupid yahoo isn't sending my e-mails thru
home around 10:30 fri nite
off sat & sun
so IF i don't escape the hotels
i will get to knit
i SHOULD hit the treadmill
weight is creeping up again

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