Thursday, January 18, 2007


some knittin' today

took the bag headed to get the roots adjusted
had to sit (oh darn) for 20 minutes before it was MY turn
another 15 minutes while i was under the dryer to "SET" the color
the bad news
my hair pulls red & gold
it refuses to go brown
i am almost done with the 2nd skein
get to New Orleans tomoro about 11 am
so i got 8 - 10 hours of knitting i can do
i NEVER get to see anything outside of the
hotel in NO
we are toooo far from anything
we would have to rent a car if we want to go anywhere
then on Sat
i have 2 hours Airport Appreciation in the morning
3 more hours in the afternoon
back to base by 5:30 PM

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