Sunday, November 26, 2006


the dress



we will be starting the KAL on Jan 1
i am hopin' y'all post progress pix
i have to buy the yarn pack yet
da plan is to buy it Tue Dec 19
i can spend the better part of THAT day running errands
paying bills
visiting LYS in Indy
everyone got the pattern AND yarn
what yarn are YOU using
i know some are substituting
are you adding any changes to make it
more personal

Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Wondering what yarn everyone will be using. I've not used the Jamieson's before, so I'm thinking of giving it a try. Anyone going with another brand?



well .. in about six weeks
we will kick off the KAL
everyone got their pattern & yarn
i gotta get the yarn
but as i am STILL working on Stockings for munchkins
i am not gonna buy more yarn to just SIT
begging me to pick it up & play with it
there is a Frapper map on the blog
go to ADD & input your name & city so i know where y'all are knitting
i think i got your blogs lnked on the left
IF not LMK

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Still no pattern !

Hello !
I can't wait to start this project so I was disappointed to get a message from Amazon to say that my book will be delayed for another couple of weeks as it is out of stock - I ordered it weeks ago and had been given an estimated time of arrival of about now. Oh well , I'll just have to wait ! Looking forward to seeing everyone elses knitting. Is anyone substituting yarn ? I bought a yarn pack to make this.

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