Tuesday, February 06, 2007



i am so sorry you are NOT having any fun
i share your pain
i got to 20" on the neck when i ran out of yarn
so i attached to the ball that i was using to knit
the body
knit till i got TO the bag
pulled the needles out & started unknitting the bag
as i finished knitting the head
i was with OTHER knitters & i wanted to make
sure i paid attention to the graph
so i quit for the nite
i will NEED more yarn
i haven't ordered it yet
like you
i HATE this thing ...
i want something fun to knit
maybe another UFO ... NA!!
a dishcloth
or one of 3 pair of socks i have on the needles
or a bag
or a scarf for a KAL
it was Chris's idea to do this
i don't think she is knitting it tho
she figured out it would be boring ...

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